KYSER Scholarship Fund

Let's Pay It Forward!

It's time for KYSERs to give back.

Over the years since graduating, many KYS alumni have banded together to raise funds in order to present KYS with a number of specific gifts. But with the setting up of an alumni fund, it is now possible for these contributions to be channelled into ONE large pool, specifically to benefit their beloved alma mater.

The KYSER Fund was initiated by the first graduating batch of KYS, Batch 1997. The idea to establish such an alumni fund came from the conviction that giving back to KYS will preserve its top standing among the best secondary schools in Malaysia and will enhance further growth. The main objective is to give back to KYS - through several ways including helping to enhance the campus infrastructure, sponsoring KYS students' activities, and creating scholarship awards for deserving students to study there. The KYSER Fund was officially launched on 30 June, 2018, by Y.Bhg. Tan Sri Halim Saad, founder of Kolej Yayasan Saad.

If you are a KYS alumnus, supporting KYS and its outstanding students is absolutely the best way to pay forward the gift of education you have received at KYS!

Make a gift today. Even the smallest gift can help make a significant impact!

KYSER Scholarship Fund

KYSER Scholarship Fund

The fund is managed by a Fund Committee under KYSER.

The Committee is responsible for managing the fund's collection, structure, allocation/distribution and selection of scholarship candidate(s). In addition, an accountability reporting process will be set up by the Committee to enable donors to receive periodical highlights on how their funds are used.

Your donations will be held in at a secure commercial bank account under KYSER's name, which is designated solely to the KYSER Fund. All contributions to the fund will be deposited into this account and all payments will be made from this account.

Overall, transparency in sources and uses of funds as well as regular, periodic reporting will be a priority.

For its first year, we are currently aiming to raise RM100,000. This would help serve as a solid base for the fund to grow.

The funding priorities for donations collected through the KYSER Fund will be as follows:

  • Enhancement of KYS infrastructure/facilities
  • Scholarships
  • Student activities and clubs
  • Other student affairs needs decided on by the Fund Committee

You will be able to keep track on the impact of your gifts through periodical updates by the Fund Committee published on this website.

The number of students who will be sponsored will solely depend on the level of funds collected. We can only begin sponsoring a student at KYS once the level of funds is enough for a minimum two-year sponsorship (form 4 student).

The scholarships will be opened to all deserving Malaysians. The candidate(s) will be selected by the KYSER Fund Committee together with the admission team of KYS. Selection will be based on a number criterias including academic and co-curricular records, and also family income level.

Anyone can donate; KYS alumni, parents, other friends of KYSER/KYS, as well as people who would like to make a donation on behalf of someone or because of various reasons of their own.

Yes, we have made it easy for you to contribute! Your contribution to the KYSER Fund is just a few button clicks away.

The best thing to do is to set up a recurring gift. In this way, you set up a payment once and secure your regular contribution, without fear of forgetting. Notably, you become part of the base of permanent KYSER Fund donors. The wider this base, the easier it would be for us to build upon.

Not at this time. However, the team is working towards making this possible in the future.

You can contact the Committee at

KYSER Scholarship Fund