A Sense Of Belonging

We are just like you. We climbed up those same steps to get to the theatrettes that you did. We ate at the Dining Hall. We made that same trek to get to the swimming pools, the sports courts and the fields like you did. We proudly wore a T-shirt emblazoned with the KYS emblem in our house colours; Blue (Rahman), Red (Razak) or Grey (Hussein). Some of us still do.

KYSER is where we belong. For every student who walked through the gates of Kolej Yayasan Saad (KYS), Melaka, no doubt there is a special place in their hearts for the school; for its people, its song and traditions, its sports houses, and even its sprawling campus and lush landscape. Which is why every year, more KYS alumni look to KYSER to be their connection back to KYS and to those boarding school years, where bonds were forged to last a lifetime.

Together We Attain Great Heights

Kolej Yayasan Saad Ex-Residents Association (KYSER) is the hub that connects the alumni of KYS and enables them to empower alumni relations. We’re an independent organization that nurtures lifelong relationships and support between KYS alumni and alumni with KYS. Our intent is to ensure the continued excellence of KYS and to enhance the pride and loyalty of its alumni in the alma mater and the association.

We provide opportunities for alumni to volunteer their time and talents, regardless of where they are, through events and programs of relevance and services to the alumni. Throughout the years, members have generously shared their time and advice as preceptors and mentors for current students of KYS and have consistently rallied together for important KYSER events and traditions. Our events and programs are powered by membership and only made possible by the generous support of members.

Alumni Batches

Each alumni batch consists of former students according to the year they sat for Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia. KYSER alumni batches play a key role in breathing life into the alumni network. Success hinges not on the alumni association but on project leaders of each batch. KYSER serves more as a facilitator, assisting with administration and communications, while project leaders play a pivotal role in leading their batches to pursue preferred activities and causes for the benefit of the whole alumni.